7 podcasts about living in the Netherlands

by Genie Ijzersmid
3 min read
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Driving, cooking, cleaning, walking may be a great opportunity to learn more about the country you moved to by listening to podcasts. Personal stories, tips, advice and just discussing life in the Netherlands are available in a variety of podcasts in English on Dutch way of living.

For all the expats: Here in Holland

This podcast offers a variety of stories from people who have come to live in the Netherlands and those who are thinking about moving. Andy Clark, who started the podcast, invites different people for interviews so they could give expert advice on life in the Netherlands for present and future expats. Here in Holland also offers a story podcast where expats themselves tell their personal stories about living in the Netherlands.

For parents: Amsterdam Mamas Podcast

A while ago six Dutch mothers-to-be met in Amsterdam for a brunch and founded a community of Dutch parents, where they would share experiences with having kids in the Netherlands. Schools, daycare, nannies, food, going out, having fun, and funny stories. Check out Amsterdam Mamas podcast and become a part of Dutch parental community.

For food lovers about Dutch eating culture: Mokumista

Food writer Karin Engelbrecht and radio journalist Lauren Comiteau created a podcast where they discover everything about eating out in Amsterdam. Together they explore the new trends, review the recently opened places and discuss everything related to the food culture in the Netherlands.

For professionals living in the north: Econ 050

The Northern Times started a news podcast in English about business and economy in and around Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe. Find out more about business environment in vibrant northern Netherlands.

For expats in Maastricht: Maastricht Edition

The podcast focuses on the expat issues and international life in the Maastricht region. Tune in every Thursday on RTV Maastricht between 19:00 and 21:00 or listen to the episodes on their website.

For everyone who wants to keep up with the Dutch news: DutchNews.nl

If you don’t have much time to read news every day, but want to know what’s happening in the country, listen to a weekly news podcast. Molly Quell, Gordon Darroch and Paul Peeters analyse the week’s news every Friday afternoon.

For history lovers: History of the Netherlands

It is nice to know more about history of the country you moved to in order to understand why and how the Netherlands became one of the most comfortable countries for living in the world. From the ice age to modern era: enjoy the historical path of the Netherlands.

Bonus: an episode of Expat Focus on the Netherlands

In this episode of Expat Focus, a podcast telling about the expat life all over the world, the guests are Sharon and Gladys from Rotterdam Partners, and the Rotterdam Expat Centre. They share their expertise on life in the Netherlands for the new arrivals. Sharon and Gladys provide tips for those who are going to move to the Netherlands or have just settled in the new country to ease their life setup in a new context.