Why we are building Finday

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You move to the Netherlands. You start a new life. You join a new workplace or start your new business. It is all very exciting in the beginning until you need to file your taxes or make financial decisions.


We know sorting out tax matters and handling finances is not as easy in the Netherlands especially for the expats. For expats, tax laws change when moving from one country to another and they often have to bear consequences based on their individual situation.



We have spoken to many such expat individuals during our research who could have saved a lot of money and time if only they were aware of their tax benefits and had access to an easy system that helps them file their taxes in a simple way. 


Finday began as an idea to help expats in the Netherlands file their taxes in plain English and without tax-speak in a hassle-free way. We believe in getting you the tax refunds you deserve.  


Living in the Netherlands is a breeze for almost every aspect from finding a new house, getting a gym subscription, enrolling your kids to a school or getting access to health care.  But unfortunately, filing Dutch tax returns has not been as easy for a lot of people.



                    At Finday, we believe in doing taxes with joy!

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When we needed Finday, it wasn’t there. So, now. We heard from you about all the frustrations you had when it comes to doing taxes in the Netherlands. 


We are a team based out of Amsterdam who are building Finday: an easy to use taxing platform to help you file your taxes easily and make financial decisions more efficiently. We are creating a product that helps people get the tax benefits they deserve so they can make better financial decisions  and seek better results.



We are excited about Finday. Are you?


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